KotOR Tool - Needed to edit the 2da files

Some experience with spreadsheets can help, but it isn't exactly required.


First, the file you wish to edit must be found in the Kotor Tool program. To find them, chose the game you wish to edit, and click the + next to it.

Open the BIFs menu, and click "2da", then "2da Array". A list will display, of all the 2da files. Find the one you wish to edit, and double-click on it.

You should see the 2da editor open, and in it, you will see many rows and columns. Now, you are able to edit as needed, with some care. 

Notes: Edit

-New lines can be made by clicking the * at the bottom of any 2da file, which creates a new, blank row. You can copy a existing line and paste it here, rather than having to manually add entires to the new line. However, with some 2da files, although new lines can be added, that does NOT mean the game will accept them.

-After making ANY changes to a line, or if you copy/pasted a new line, you will NEED to click on another line, which you DID NOT edit. If this is not done, the changes will not be saved upon saving the 2da file.

-ONLY save 2da files within the appropriate game's override folder. If they are anywere else, then the game will not read them.

-While most 2da files might have many lines, not all of them will.